Comes With Free 50 Antminer S9i 14/THs Units.

The specifications of AntBox as mentioned below is for your reference instead of the final version. If you prefer to more details, please submit a request here to contact our sales person.

It was always the first step to find a suitable large enough site with electricity and suitable temperature to construct mining farm.

No More.

Introducing the all new  Antbox from BITMAIN.  Order yours today and add any Antminer you wish. They are all compatible.

Want the Antbox with the miners? Ask us to preorder for you and we will only charge 10% facilitation fee over the cost of Bitmain.

On 20 March, Bitmain has launched a new product, Antbox, a MOBILE mining farm! It uses standard container construction, after connecting electricity and networks, you can mine bitcoins right away. It can greatly save the time cost of building a mining farm. Because it is easy to transport, Antbox can make a seasonal migration to access to cheap water electricity or suitable temperatures.

Antbox has an internal single-row design and it achieves very good heat dissipation by fan cooling, external curtain wall, and electric shutters. A single Antbox can house 324 units of Antminer S9. A 365-day warranty is also a guarantee of profits.

Not to mention its simple and beautiful design, as a mobile mining farm, it is very practical and with low power consumption, so it is like a landmark design of the crypto mining industry.


Single product price: 220000 RMB (without water curtain wall)/ about 34,700USD

Delivery: 1-10 April

Box weight: 3 tons

Maximum capacity: 324 units S9 (APW3++ power supply required)

Color: White

Dimensions: 5.85m*2.3m*3.07m(L*W*H)

Internal dimensions: 5.64m*2.11m*2.765m (L*W*H)

(The above dimensions may have subtle errors)

Electricity demand

Current: 731A

Voltage: 380V

Power: 486KW

Incoming cable: (YJV-0.6/1KV 400)*4+ YJV-0.6/1KV 240*1

3150KVA transformer: can support 6 ANTBOX

2500KVA transformer: can support 5 ANTBOX

Bitmain Antbox
Bitmain Antbox


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