GRC immersion cooling



High-Efficiency Immersion Cooling for Data Centers and Crypto Mining Equipments.


Technical Specifications

InputDC 12V
Cooler Temperature19°-25°C
Est.miner chipset temperature on mining mode55-65°C
Operating Temperature-20°C – 50°C
Temperature Sensor-25°C-150°C miner surface
Display4 digit temperature display
Dimensions(Without immersion oil)65(L)x38(W)x40(H) cm
Tank dimensions(Without immersion oil)40(L)x38(W)x40(H) cm
Package dimensions(Without immersion oil)69(L)x44(W)x46(H) cm
Weight (Without immersion oil)8 kg
GRC immersion One contains1 pcs A+
1 pcs DC12V, 1A Adapter


Antminer: S9, S9i, S9j, L3+, X3, B3, A3, D3, V9, T9+, Z9-Mini, DR3, Z9, E3, DR5, S11, S15, T15
Obelisk: DCR1, SC1, SC2 Gen2, SC1 Immersion
Baikal Giant: B, Giant X10, Giant N, BK-D, BK-G28
DragonMint: B29, B52, X1, X2, T1
Ebit: E9, E9+, E9.2, E9.3, E9i
Avalon: 821, 841, 851, 911, 920, 921
Innosilicon: A5, A5+,A4+, A9, D9, D9+, S11, A9 ZMaster, T2, T2T-25T, T2T-32T, A6, A8, A8+, D9+
Whatsminer: M3
Pinidea: RR-200, DR-100, DR-100 PRO, DRX-Varyag, DRX-Kuznetsov, DR3
GMO miner :B2, B3
Dayun: Zig Z1
Fusion Silicon: X1, X6, X7

Data Measurements

– Heat load
– Coolant pressure
– Pump speed
– Operating temperatures
– water and coolant
– Operating pressures
– Rack temperature
– multiple locations
– Power consumption
– Liquid level
– multiple locations
– System health, diagnostics, and early fault detection


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